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Customer Reviews

My son recently moved out of the house for school so my wife and I decided to use his room for an organized storage area. I heard about Western Shelving through a friend who had previously used their services. When I first walked into their office, I immediately noticed how personable and accomadating the staff was to me. After I received a more than reasonable estimate on how much the shelving and labor would cost me, the instalation was done the very next day. I have to comment on how durrable and ,in fact good looking she western turned out to be. I have thanked my friend a million and one times for the refferal and would recommend Western Shelving to anybody else!!

Cole C., San Mateo, CA

I would highly recommend! Brad worked extremely hard on all the details of my project and made sure everything was exactly how i needed it. The price was lower and the quality of the steel was alot higher than many similar products from other local companies. I would definitely recommend Western Shelving and Rack over anybody else in the bay area!

Cameron J., San Carlos, CA

Western Shelving is an exemplary family-owned business which has established itself as a cornerstone in the greater Bay Area. The employees are personable, prices competitive, their work consistent and dependable. If your business is in need of shelving or racks, no one in the industry will take better care of you than Western Shelving.

Austin P., Burlingame, CA

Wow! I was impressed. The owner took great pains to get every detail right. He helped me clarify exactly what I needed. Their prices were less than their competitors for brand-new shelving (their competitors wanted to sell new supports with used western). The installation was swift and problem-free. These guys made my day. Highly recommended!

Burt R., Albany, CA

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